Compare Body Back Buddy -vs- Back Nobber II -vs- TheraCane

Which one will work best for me?

As a trigger point or self-massage device, the ideal features would be some-thing lightweight, easy to use, and with the ability to use it anywhere on the body. So the number of points, the positioning of these points and the variety of shapes will all be important.

Which one is stronger?

Asking which massage tool is stronger is a fundamentally flawed question, as every material has unique properties which bring a swarm of strengths and weaknesses. However, we can report on specific traits of the tools which may affect a consumer’s ability to apply pressure and use the massagers.

The Body Back Buddy’s unique composition

The Body Back Buddy is built with a unique blend of polypropylene and glass. This provides rigidity while still allowing flex.

What are the key differences?

While all of these products could prove effective for your needs, there are a few key differences between the Body Back Buddy, the Thera Cane and the Backnobber II

The therapy points

Each of these products have therapy points or “knobs” to be used in trigger point therapy. In the graph above the number of knobs on each tool is out-lined, but why are some massage knobs different and what do they do?

Pointed knobs

The Body Back Buddy is equipped with 3 pointed knobs for a deeper massage into muscle tissue.

Erector spinae self-massage knobs

Both the Body Back Buddy and the Thera Cane possess a set of massage nubs for the purpose of massaging the lower back (also known anatomically as the erector spinae).

Sub-occipital massage knobs

The Body Back Buddy also hold claim to a pair of therapy points placed on the inside of the large hook designed to massage the sub-occipital muscles and tendons. Massaging these muscles leads to a release in neck tension which can prevent migraines and reduce neck and back pain.

Where can I buy?

Preference between these three massage tools is subjective. What works for others may not work for you. Below are links to purchase the original Body Back Buddy, as well as our cheaper and more portable Junior variation.


How do I use it?

Most trigger point therapy tools can be used with a simple hold and release. Simply apply gentle-medium pressure to the afflicted area and hold for ten to thirty seconds. For intense pain and severely knotted muscles, more pressure can be applied for a longer amount of time. We recommend the press and release method of trigger point massage therapy rather than rubbing or grinding as this can worsen symptoms and cause irritation to skin. For more in-depth guide on trigger points or how to use the Body Back Buddy, click the links below.

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