About Us

Body Back Company is a leading producer of self massage tools that are well designed, made to the highest quality standards and backed with a no hassle guarantee. Our best known tool is the Body Back Buddy which is the #1 best selling trigger point massager on Amazon with over 4000 verified reviews and 4.6 stars. Click here to see the full offering.

Our team is located in Ashland, Oregon where we stand ready to help you in any way way you need.

A brief history:

The founder of Body Back Company, Paul Nash began as a massage therapist in the 1980’s. He quickly realized that his clients needed massage relief on a continuous basis and could only afford one session a week. In 1995, after many years of prototyping and experimenting, Paul secured a design patent for the Body Back Buddy. Now he could finally offer his clients the relief they needed, wherever and whenever they needed it.

Now after selling over 1 million Body Back Buddies and achieving recognition as Amazon’s Choice for trigger point massagers, we are under new management but with the same values.

The Body Back team promises to deliver the highest quality self-massage tools as well as provide the best customer service. This new and improved wholesale website is the only place to get Body Back products in box quantities at box unit pricing.